Smash Mob’s “We Can’t Work It Out” A New Viral Breakup Video?

2018-12-14 19:15:54

We Can’t Work It Out Smash Mob’s latest single/music video feat rapper Boom Doggottie and vocalist Jacqueline van Bierk has the potential to become the “Rick Roll” music video for romantic breakups.

Smash Mob is the teaming of the veteran performer, songwriter, producer, award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter, Frank Rogala (lead vocalist for EXUDE and NC-17) and performer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Jason Eldridge. 

“Boom Doggottie has jaw-dropping skills as a freestyle rapper. We were working with the track that became this song and Boom freestyled ‘we can work it out,’ and it occurred to me to suggest that, “there is already a lot of ‘we can work it out’ songs, how about we CAN’T work it out. That was it, Boom was off and running and you can tell he was testifying from deeply personal experiences,” explained the video’s director - Smash Mob’s Frank Rogala.

“The female voice, co-written with and performed by Jacqueline van Bierk, was something we felt we needed once we had the main vocal done,” explained Rogala.

“Frank and I discussed the personality of this woman and we worked hard to not make it a female bashing song. Just something that describes that oblivious narcissist that we all know, and hopefully are not in a relationship with” joked van Bierk.

“When we started testing the video we noticed people really enjoyed it and the comedic aspects of Boom’s performance really connected. Boom is also an aspiring actor who has had a few bit roles here and there. We are hoping this video opens some doors for him. It really shows off his comedic physical chops,” said Eldridge.

The video was shot in both Smash Mob West (CA), and Smash Mob East (MI) studios. Boom Doggottie performed at Smash Mob West and Cathy Eldridge (Jason’s wife) filled in for Jacqueline van Bierk’s lips at Smash Mob East.

“We wanted the presence of the electronic ball and chain (the phone) to be a dominating feature of the video and song - thus the phone sound instrumental,” explained Eldridge. “When testing the video, almost immediately, we were asked if it could be used – for this person to send to his girlfriend to break up. It was then we started seeing the potential,” said Eldridge. “It wasn’t long after that, that word got around and we were asked again and again. There is obviously a need,” joked Eldridge.

Along with dozens of music placements in TV and films, Smash Mob is best known for writing the theme song for the History Channel Show Alone, as well as their dancefloor stomping remix of the Wonder Woman theme song from the 70’s TV show. Smash Mob’s music can be heard on TV shows including Young Sheldon, EX on the Beach, LA To Vegas, CBS Sports, Animal Planet - Rabid, Bravo - Southern Charm, History Channel - Forged in Fire, MTV-Catfish, Discovery - Bad Blood, Discovery - Evil Stepmothers, Discovery - I Am Homicide, CBS Sports, MTV - Suspect, Amazon - Forged in Fire, E-Stewarts and Hamiltons, E- Dash Dolls, and MTV - True Life.

Along with music for film and TV, Smash Mob also produces music singles and music videos for other performing artists. Smash Mob music videos and singles are available everywhere music is streamed and sold as well as at website and the SmashMobMusic channel on Youtube.  

Smash Mob’s music video You Can Run feat. Stephen Bannon, is an official selection of the Iphone International Film Festival.

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